okay this 3-minute video taught me more than a semester of high school health class and if you have lady parts you should watch this

Anything Laci Green makes is worth watching. I have learn so much about the female anatomy and how the female body works from her videos. NONE of which I learned in health class where at least half the class were female! That meant that about 15 girls didn’t know any of this stuff about their own bodies!

Reblogging because this is a fantastic reference.

I want everyone to watch this. Guys, gals, people with and without vaginas…you all need to know how to care for this delicate part of the body.  I’ve heard too many horror stories of women douching with wrong substances or ladies washing their parts so vigorously that they’ve bled or girls who have freaked out over the normal clear to milky white discharge. Vaginas are not gross or as complicated as they seem. Yes, it’s a giant hole between the legs with folds and hair and can smell a little odd…but know that it’s natural and easily cared for.

Also know that, along with soap being a no-no, refrain from perfumed tampons and pads. You don’t want to put perfumes or chemicals in that area!

It saddens me that I too was never taught this in health class…neither were my parents…neither was my brother. HOWEVER, I did learn this from the fine folks at Planned Parenthood back in the college days of not being able to afford a gynecologist. 

Yes…it took me till COLLEGE to figure out how to care for my body.

So here’s another reason why our school system’s sex ed sucks, and why Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization.


I hate my stomach I wanna cut it out







literally thats all anyone would need to tell me to get me to hate john green

"did you know in one of his books the two main characters make out in the anne frank house"

thats literally making out with someone at a holocaust memorial that’s awful what the fuck

especially in the context of the scene, like they act like they’re Taking It Back For True Love bc no one else appreciates the anne frank house in the right way, i love when white christians reclaim holocaust memorials

Most people don’t appreciate things of historical significance in the right way.

A few days ago, I Michelangelo’s David and it was utterly overwhelming to me that he was real and in front of me and the Michelangelo had carved that and it had stood the test of time and it was so beautiful they couldn’t put on top of the Duomo cause he was so freaking beautiful even if it meant he was out of proportion when you saw him up close and I was awestruck.I walked past his slaves were you could see the marks his chisel had made.

But how many people do you think have gone to the Academia and just glanced at it. just to say they have?

How many people go to the Anne Frank House and do just the same? At least Hazel acknowledged that people lived there and that they have lives and they loved people there. I mean it wasn’t the most tactful of gestures but more then likely they would’ve been surrounded by tourists who didn’t even recognize that. 

Yes, the kiss wasn’t the most respectful thing, but it’s not any worse then meandering through a place where people, real people hid and lived in fear and still managed to love and learn and just snapping a few pics as evidence without appreciating or often even acknowledging the history of the place. 

you do realize this book is not about real people

those are fictional characters in a fictional scenario that was written by a christian man in his 30s who wrote a scene basically trying to reclaim the anne frank house as a romantic tourist attraction for the sake of his characters

he literally used the tragedy suffered by those people to create a scene specifically for his characters to get off on

and then he had people in that scene applauding what they did.

this literally has nothing to do with academia the anne frank house isn’t a work of art it’s a memorial to a horrifying act of human cruelty and john green used that as the backdrop for a LOVE STORY effectively ignoring the importance of the memorial for the sake of his white christian protagonists

he literally used a serious tragedy and the deaths of millions of people as inspiration porn for his main characters and how their story is more important like he could have had them kiss anywhere but he wrote them kissing in the anne frank house on purpose

and that is gross



you know how you say words so many times and they lose their meaning? that’s how I feel about the words “trauma” and “trigger” right now.

Putting this on the reg blog because it’s useful info

leafperson said: except people who don’t need emotional ties to have sex? there are a ton of people who cannot identify as demi. I am confused

most people need some degree of emotional ties to have sex. people are fuck-machines and emotions tie in whether you know it or not. if you have sex recklessly without emotion that often indicates that something is wrong. so, being demisexual is really like saying you’re normal. so i mean.

I do think the asexual scale/spectrum exists. no one has to be fully sexual or fully non-sexual and I think that's perfectly okay. demisexual is somewhere in the middle of sexual and asexual and, as is grey-a. is it wrong of me to say that I think your dismissal of demisexuality is actually more hurtful than people accepting it? I not comparing demisexuality to homosexuality or pansexuality because they don't compare! they are on different spectrums!

i guess words no longer have meaning. thanks for taking validity away from actual asexual people. no one experiences sexual attraction the same. that doesn’t make them asexual. the fact that you’re calling it an “asexual sprectrum” is disgusting. it has nothing to do with asexuality - it’s just how people work. asexuality is the complete lack of sexual attraction. demisexuality and grey-a are labels for normal people who think they’re super duper speshul and want to be lumped in with the lgbt community. 

demisexuality is literally how everyone feels. you are not special. there is no fucking “asexual” spectrum - people experience sexual attraction at varying levels but that has nothing to do with asexuality. oh but you just wanna be special, got it. defending “”“demisexuality”“” is stupid and pointless. it was a made up sexuality to begin with. and people came up with all that gray-a shit after that because they wanted to be different and call themselves ace but still fuck people. it’s disgusting and it’s harmful to the (real) ace community. this is so degrading and it’s like these people go out of their way to make themselves feel special.

I'm not really sure what you think demisexual is, but it's on the asexual spectrum. and yes!!! anyone could call themselves demisexual no matter their place on the homo-/heterosexual spectrum. I do not know why this harms the community, to have a label that expresses a form of asexuality. people have varying levels of sexuality and I'm confused why this label is wrong?

oh my god. “anyone could call themselves demisexual”. demisexuality is needing an emotional attachment before having a physical one. oh wait, that’s literally fucking everyone. as in, it’s not on the “asexual scale” (oh my god are we actually claiming that’s a thing too are we bending the defintition of asexual). there’s no need to “label” something that everyone feels just so you can feel special. when you say “everyone can call themselves demisexual” you are completely erasing any sort of validity it had as a sexuality. demisexual is not a sexuality. it is not asexual - lack of attraction. it is not homo or hetero or bi or pan sexual - which direct sexual attraction towards certain groups. it’s “well, i kind of feel different sometimes and i can’t accept that no one has a fluid sexuality/sex drive soooo i want to feel special!!!”

do not group demisexuals in with lgbt+ people who actually struggle. it’s insulting, and gives the asexual community shit.


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demisexuality aka “i’m the same as everyone else but i wanna feel special and also call myself gay” nope nope nope gross as shit

does that mean you don't think demisexuality isn't real?

even entertaining demisexuality as a legitimate sexuality is a slap in the face to the lgbt+ community, especially asexuals. literally everyone in the world could read the description of “demisexual” and say “wow i’m like that!”




people who don’t believe in feminism and all the problems the world has today are so ignorant……. like open your eyes

you sound like a fucking cultist lmao 

how about……….. trying to make the world safe for everyone………….. ending discrimination………………….  if that takes a ‘cult’ then so be it

the current feminist movement is not about making the world a safe space for everyone. feminism isn’t a fix-it-all solution for everything. it won’t fix racial discrimination or poverty - it’s focused on women, not everyone. first and second wave feminism fought for legal rights and representation, as well as reproductive rights. the “third wave” feminism has so far proved to be destructive. but please explain more because you seem to know alllllll about feminism and how it’ll solve anything. 

you’re basically telling people “believe in this or you’re a bad person” which yeah sounds cultish soooooooo.

"why don’t people think demisexuality is real?????"

because it was literally made up idk